Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thoughts on a Sunny Autumn Day

The air feels much cooler these mornings, even when the sun is shining. And that sun seems to go to bed early!
Last evening, as I was drinking my tea after dinner, I heard a small "scruffle" on the Cat deck.
Expecting that this would be one of the resident Douglas Squirrels, I got up to peak out the window. Didn't seem to be anything there. And then I spotted him (her?). A small, black mouse, hiding behind the Hostas. I could also hear a crow in the trees in the ravine - perhaps that's what he was hiding from. This little guy is a new resident in my back 40, and certainly welcome (provided he stays on his side of the glass).
The scruffle birds are back. Haven't seen them all summer. These guys look like robins (same colouring), but they're bigger. They race around the ground, under the salal and ferns, scratching like crazy. Not sure what they eat, but they do not seem to disturb the plants, but they make an amazing amount of noise - sounding like a person running through the yard!
The big leaf maples have all turned "orangey", not very attractive trees but certainly tough. I'm looking forward to my vine maple leaves changing colour. One e small tree just lights up the whole yard.

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