Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tree Climbing Snow!

When I looked out this morning, an amazing thing was happening in the old, failing trees along the back edge of my property - fluffy chunks of new snow are climbing up the trees!

I'm not sure how this snow managed to climb so high so quickly. We only had 2 inches of snow last night.
I know...I know.. this is a pitiful amount, compared to the snows happening in Eastern Canada and the States. But let me tell you - in this area, 2 inches can stop activity dead in its tracks. Wet Coasters panic at the sight of white on the ground. Where are all those salt trucks that my taxes are paying for? Why don't I hear any snow plows running about. We are just not prepared.

And that UPS delivery guy in his shorts and boots. He's just pretending it's business as usual.

Oh well, all I can do is hibernate, until the rain comes tomorrow and clears the roads for me.

Or I can email my City maintenance guy, and complain about the roads.

Go ahead. Laugh at us.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


As I came around the corner this afternoon. loaded with shopping
bags, I saw that that litle brown tail sticking out from under the
boxwood. I stopped , but he'd obviously seen (heard) me,
and slipped away into his space. That little brown lizard
is here to stay.

We had other  visitors to our Back 40 today, as well.
A surveyor crew were busy measuring lines and
tying bright orange tape to the bushes along the back of my lot.
And trampling through the ferns and huckleberry bushes,
complaining bitterly about the blackberries. Hehe.

There may be much noise and upset coming to our
wild, quiet space. But there's not much we can do about
this, as we don't own the lot behind us. It has been vacant
and uncared for since we built here, so I guess it's time
has come.
But they best not mess with the set backs for the creek
that runs in the ravine between the two lots, or they will
have one wildly angry senior gardener on their case!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello....We've got a Visitor!!

This afternoon, as I was stepping out the side door of the garage,
I notice this "thing" on the edge of the sidewalk step in front of me.
It was a long, with brown and black stripes, and looked for all the
world like a dead leaf.
It was bigger than most leaves in my yard (about 6 inches), so I
stopped to look have a closer look.
The colouring suggested 'Slug' to me right away. Yuck.
So I leaned down to get a closer look, and startled the little guy.

Two little legs popped out of the side of this creature, and it
whipped around and scuttled under the boxwood.

I laughed, feeling glad that I didn't have 6 inch slugs living in my
garden, but also sad that I had interupted his sunbath on the
warm concrete.
Maybe he'll come back if the sun comes out again (and if that
concrete ever warms up again).
I think he might be a skink, but I'm not sure.
Any suggestions as to his name?