Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello....We've got a Visitor!!

This afternoon, as I was stepping out the side door of the garage,
I notice this "thing" on the edge of the sidewalk step in front of me.
It was a long, with brown and black stripes, and looked for all the
world like a dead leaf.
It was bigger than most leaves in my yard (about 6 inches), so I
stopped to look have a closer look.
The colouring suggested 'Slug' to me right away. Yuck.
So I leaned down to get a closer look, and startled the little guy.

Two little legs popped out of the side of this creature, and it
whipped around and scuttled under the boxwood.

I laughed, feeling glad that I didn't have 6 inch slugs living in my
garden, but also sad that I had interupted his sunbath on the
warm concrete.
Maybe he'll come back if the sun comes out again (and if that
concrete ever warms up again).
I think he might be a skink, but I'm not sure.
Any suggestions as to his name?

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