Monday, June 25, 2012

Flying Flowers

That's right!
I've got flying flowers in my garden - at last!
Well, it's not really a flower, but a yellow Monarch butterfly.
I spotted it hanging around the flowers on the sage  plants two days ago.
It was out and off around the corner before I could even get close enough
to check those black stripes.
Today, I silently watch it circle around the alder branches in the back yard,
again moving so quickly that there was no time to grab my camera.
This little guy is fast!
Perhaps it's the only way to survive in this world, as there are lots of
hungry birds out back.
Tomorrow, I'll build a Butterfly Feeding Station, with water and bits
of fruit. Maybe that will slow him (or her) down long enough for a picture.
One can hope.


  1. I love the Monarch, haven't seen them in my garden for years though.

  2. This little guy is the first one we've seen this year. Last year, I saw only one in the whole season. We're feeling "butterfly-deprived"!

  3. I never had monarchs before this summer. I became more deliberate in trying to get more butterflies so I started planting their host plants. The only host plant used by the monarch is the milkweed. I am now on my third set of caterpillars.

    1. That little butterfly was the first of 3 this summer - such a treat to watch. They seemed to spend a lot of time in and about the Hemlock branches. I'm not sure if that is one of their host plants.
      Next spring, I'll try planting milkweed, and hope that one returns.