Friday, March 25, 2011

Something Blue Comes My Way

Yes, we have a new tenant for the back 40 - a hydrangea that has outgrown a friend's deck. She tells me that it it's a Lacecap, which would be terrific for this yard. That's one type that the visiting deer do not seem interested in (though I've seen the odd bite out of one or two leaves, but not extreme snacking being done).

Not sure if this guy's going to move into the back corner, where the sun comes round each afternoon, or perhaps it will take over the space left by the roses' move to higher ground (the back deck).


Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Ground is Moving..... I look down into the Back 40. Covered with brown leaves, dead bracken ferns and lots of fallen branches, nothing seems to be happening, and then, the ground moves!
If I stare at the moving part, I can just make out the shape of a bird - it's brown and black speckled, with just a hint of orange-red, if it lifts its head. Leaves are being flipped over, and branches moved by a small hoard of these "scruffle-birds". They're spread out across the yard, doing a neat clean-up.
Even the black squirrel is keeping his distance, while he scruffs around in the leaves.
Spring is here.

Wonder if they'd like a few sunflower seeds for dessert.