Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rainy Fridays

This is what I walk past each time I leave the house.
The remnants of my green mean vines from last summer.
They looked so good last summer, even after the slow start
during our cold, wet spring.
I sprayed them faithfully with pepper spray, and managed to
keep those pesky deer away for many weeks.
We had lovely green beans, and purple beans.
Then, in late August, the rains came, and I missed my regular
pepper spray routine, and that was the last of the beans.

Those pests were really sneaky about picking the beans, too.
I would notice a handful of pods, ready to pick, and then come
out later that day or the next morning, and find nothing.
Except for the pods that grew at the top of the teepees (~ 6 feet up),
those deer managed to find each lovely bean.
By the end of September, they were eating all the leaves as well.

So now, as I plan this years veggies, I'm thinking barbed wire,
motion-controlled sprinklers or maybe remay cloth tents.

Any suggestion?
I'm definitely listening.

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  1. Barbed wire, sigh. The things we do for the garden :) I hope you had a good holiday! I wanted to let you know my blog moved! You can now find the Dandelion Wrangler at Stop by anytime!