Monday, September 27, 2010

That Noise in the Bush

Last evening, just after dark, my hubby remembered that he's left two pair of pliers on the walkway in the back yard. Didn't want those tools to get rusty (we were expecting rain), so he bundled up, put on his gardening boots and hat, and headed out the back door.
Just as he was turning the corner into the back 40, he hear a "snuffle" off in the bush. He'd had the foresight to take along his industrial size flashlight, so he's turned it on, and aimed it at the spot where the noise seemed to come from.
Two bright eyes!
As he waved the flashlight (trying to see what those eyes belonged to) the snuffling got very loud. The eyes disappeared, and loud crashing ensued from the bush behind our yard. Hubby backed up fast, right into the door.
He decided that those pliers could wait til daylight tomorrow, rain or not.

This morning, when we went out to retrieve the lost tools, we found garbage strewn through the side yard, big foot prints, and a wide swath of flattened ferns and shrubs leading out of the yard, down towards the creek.
Speaking with the neighbours this afternoon, the young student that lives in their basement confirmed our suspicions. Last evening, he'd come out his back door, and found that critter sitting on the sidewalk. Says he turned and "sprinted" back inside.
It was a very BIG bear.

Looks like we won't be hanging out the birdfeeders any time soon.


  1. That puts next door's cat into perspective!

  2. It's a different feeling entirely than when you're standing in the kitchen window calmly watching a bear meander through the back 40.
    Thanks for visiting!