Saturday, June 12, 2010

We're Being Invaded!

But this invader is such a pretty little thing. It creeps along, never needs any care, flowers each Spring, doesn't get eaten by the deer. In short, a perfect woodland plant for difficult spaces.
This lovely little Lamium escaped from the neighbour's yard. It crept along the side of their hedge, then sprinted around the back of their Garden Shed and headed across my lot. At first,I paid no attention to it, as there were more urgent matters to deal with (alders, deer, bears, drought, rocks, crows), but now it's covering about 75 square feet of my back yard. It's pushing through my hedgerow, threatening the rhodos and covering up the little red huckleberry bushes that I planted in one of the few sunny patches in my yard.
I really don't want to tear out this whole patch of green, as I have nothing to replace it with. But it is listed as one of the Invasive species in our area, and I'm beginning to see it everywhere, especially in our parks and along the local streams.
So I'm going to compromise (the easy way out). I'll keep it chopped back, behind my hedgerow, and let it have that back corner.
But only until I find a new tenant.

This may take a while.


  1. I do like these, but they do get around though

  2. Oh yeah. This is one of my current pains too. I allowed it some space in my backyard for the last couple of years, as I also didn't want to re landscape the area it was growing in. We are getting closer to that time now though. It sure is pretty, but it covers so fast, spreads so wide, and climbs! I've had to dig out an azalea twice already this year. It's days are numbered!

    Good luck controlling yours!

  3. It looks so pretty too! But then my goutweed looks great now too, as it sends out millions of runner roots!
    You sure live in a beautiful place Lynne

  4. I have this invader in my garden as well. It too arrived from my neighbor's yard.

  5. Coincidentally, I have a post scheduled for Wednesday about an invasive vine in my garden. I do have lamium, too, but it hasn't climbed or traveled out of control. I love your photos...thanks for stopping by and commenting today.

  6. Lynne.. Hi from Val at pencilandleaf blog. I was going to say thanks for your comment( I am a bit behind with everything just now) on the bimaculata bees.. and then I saw you had given me such a lovely write-up on your bee post.. How very very kind!!
    I think your little bee might be Bombus ternarius or one of the other red tailed bumbles. They are so pretty.. maybe Bugguide can help? good luck with your garden. I am very envious! ..