Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank Heaven for Volunteers!

My woodland path that runs from one side of my yard around to the porch on the other side is a "work in progress".
Oh my, yes.
Much more progress needs to be made on this piece of construction.
It looks sort of lost - not really knowing where it's going, or just how to get there.

Perhaps some edging would keep that gravel going in the right direction.
Now if I can just find something easy to install, and cheap. It needs to fit in with the rest of the path and, most important, and to fit into a plastic bucket so that it can be carried from the front drive down to the back. This yard is NOT accessible by wheelbarrow.
I'll keep looking for that perfect solution, and in the meantime, the bracken ferns will cover a lot of unfinished business.

Yes, Thank Heavens for Volunteers!


  1. Would a simple garden tie work for you? It would keep that natural look. Your yard is lovely BTW.

  2. I hear you about bracken ferns. I just pulled a bunch of them in a pathway that were 4 feet tall! Salal is another volunteer that does mostly good work in my garden. Sorry, I don't have any bright ideas about edging for your pathway. Sounds like you've got a serious slope going on?

  3. Laura, I thought about using garden ties, but the "undulating" nature of that back part just wouldn't work. It's also too uneven for even small logs. I'll find something.

  4. Linda, sounds likey ou have some very healthy brackens! Too bad the deer won't eat them.