Friday, September 4, 2009


Been a long time since I was here, but there's a good reason:
we've been working!
But we have got a lot finished in the Back 40:
* The patio area is finished, planted and best of
all - we have a water feature!
* The gravel path along the back of the house now has
stepping stones all the way to the corner by the Veggie
It was a joy to sit out on the patio in those warm
evenings at the end of August, with just the light from the
candles in the lanterns, listening the the snaps and
crunches in the bush behind the yard.
(Is that a footstep? No, just the wind).

This work has finally produced the result that I'd hoped
for - to make our back yard ("The Back Forty")
pleasant enough to really use. At long last.

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