Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who Needs Water?

It's been two weeks since my last blog, and by gosh, things are moving along!
The hedge is planted. The dry creek now flows from the stone wall Falls through to the steps, and is pushing toward the Green Belt. My Japanese ferns have found a shady space to tuck in (finally), but the poor Hostas have had another visit from the local deer. They're looking rather ratty. They'll recover, but I really must find something to deter those nibblers. Perhaps some hot red pepper flakes, sprayed onto the leaves of those poor Hostas.
Deer are not the only visitors to my garden, but they are the most destructive. Two days ago, just as we were sitting down to supper, we hard a loud crunching in the back yard. Thinking something had fallen, I rushed out and found a juvenile (about 1-2 years) black bear tearing up a fallen log at the back of the yard. Guess he was looking for his dinner-he had that log apart in minutes, and then silently walked back in the bush. Bob got a quick, but blurry picture (it was getting dark in that corner). Our first bear this year!

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