Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bring on the Hummers!

Marion says her hummers always come on March 19th. So Bob put the feeder out in the second week of March, just to be ready for them. It was, after all, a very warm winter, and the Back Forty has stared to grow a couple a weeks earlier than usual. The red current bushes were in bloom (I was told hummers like these flowers), and the Pieris in the front yard were showing off long white plumes. So we waited, and watched. And finally - there he was. A tiny Rufus hummingbird on or about the 21st of March. We watched as he checked out the feeder, and the other birds that were close to his space. He was very nervous each time we approached the window, but he was drinking. Next day, no sign of him. Then bad weather - cold nights and blowing rain, not a pleasant welcome for the little guy. He's still here (the male), and very occasionally we see the female. But neither will stay long enough for one of us to get the camera, and sneak up to the window for a photo. We're still very happy to see them!


  1. No hummers here. Just snow, snow, snow. I'd much rather have the hummers. Send some good weather up my way, will you?

    Christine in Alaska

  2. How interesting, that currant looks just like our currant here! Anyway, thanks for visiting. And the green in CA is very temporary. Those are European annual grasses that die and come back each winter from seed. Before the Europeans landed, CA had perennial grasses that are green year round...Well, I actually like the golden color in summer, but it's interesting how things changed.

  3. I just put my hummer feeder out a couple of weeks ago, haven't seen any hummers yet but I'm sure they are around.